Things Men Secretly Want from women


We all love being in love. Love and relationships are the fabric of society. However, keeping a relationship healthy and happy is difficult. It requires both partners to consciously make an effort.

Top among the reasons relationships fail is when one partner is unfulfilled. Being unfulfilled often leads to physical and/or emotional affairs. According to one of our sources, a Alwarpet escort, people often turn to escorts because some emotional or physical need is not being met by their partner.

According to our research, men cheat more than women. So, we decided to explore the things men secretly want but never ask for.Here is what we found out.


According to society, men are macho and they don’t really care for compliments. This is not true. Despite the fact that they pretend not to care much about their appearance, they do. Compliment your man on his new haircut or beard trim. Compliment him on his body and muscles. It makes him feel confident that you pay attention to his appearance. Consequently, he will make an effort forthwith to look good for you.



Your man will not tell you this, but he would love it if you seduced him. According to one of our sources, an independent Chennai escort, one of the most popular requests is seduction. Men love when women tease them and whisper naughty things about what they will do. It is a huge confidence booster and a huge turn-on as well.

Have a day just for him

Often, having jobs and kids pushes the man to the background. How about creating a day where you do all the things your man loves. No, not on his birthday, on a random day. Plan a whole day full of activities that make him happy. In addition to making him fall deeper in love with you, a day like that lets him know that you pay attention and are well acquainted with what he loves. Men love receiving attention, and a day like this will be the epitome of attention.

Ask his opinion

Men generally regard themselves as problem solvers. If you are dating, it is a good idea to ask your partner’s opinion about anything even changing your hair color or style. Asking for his input makes him feel valued and boosts his confidence in the relationship. This is certainly something he would never ask you to do since men don’t like to appear nosy but if you do it, it will make him happy.

As earlier stated, relationships require a conscious team effort. Making the first step to make your partner happy maybe the boost you both need to take your relationship from lackluster to awesome!

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