One of the popular truths about sex is that women fake orgasms. It is in fact a subject that is very common with researchers. Wherefore, lazy men under perform and blame their partner’s dissatisfaction on the elusive nature of the female orgasm. But this is not the subject of our discussion. We are gabbing about the male orgasm.

It is a common misconception that all men cum with every sexual experience. Well, truth be told, most of them do. But one in every four men has admitted to faking an orgasm. This may seem preposterous since all men do, all day, is try to get into someone’s pants. Why then would they get the opportunity then not attain climax? Ambattur-escorts.


 One of the main reasons cited for the male faux orgasm is fatigue. After a long day’s at work or wherever, the man comes home to a frisky partner and decides to rally even though he is exhausted. Often, it starts out as a normal sexual session but somewhere along the way he realizes he will not cut it, so he decides to cut his losses and hit the sack.


Too drunk

 The desire to sleep versus the desire to orgasm for a drunk dude is a close contest. It is not unheard of for a man to sleep right in the middle of coitus. But for the decent guys, he will hurry the activity along, fake an orgasm and go to bed.

Bad sex

 Women often think an orgasm is automatic for men. All they have to do is insert themselves into someone else. But this is a strong misconception. According to our source who is an escort in Chennai, having sex with a person who is poor at it can totally revert your sexual arousal to zero. The only conceivable way to get out of it and allow the other person to save face is to fake an orgasm. Men are kind when it comes to telling a woman she is bad in bed. They had rather fake an orgasm and put an end to the activity.


 Sometimes you ain’t just feeling it, says Mousse, an independent Chennai escort. Especially if you have too much on your plate or if the person you are doing it with just isn’t your type, you may find yourself in an endless vicious cycle with no end in sight. A man will fake an orgasm if he’s not into the sex but wants to boost his partner’s self-esteem or to avoid the awkward “Why couldn’t you cum” conversation.

Ultimately, sex for men is more complicated than we thought. Even in bed, they have emotions and distractions that may interfere with their ability to cross the finish line. Let’s be sensitive to that.

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