Human beings are governed by what they see. Nowadays anything that gives you a semblance of pleasure will cost you money. Pornography takes advantage of your visual and fetish ideas. It is a billion dollar industry rated among the top 5 billion dollar industries. It is illegal in most parts of the world. Though it is easier to access it through the internet and in magazines and at the moment anything that has some pornography setting sells more.

 Research has shown that pornography at a young age destroys a teenager’s life. In fact, it was revealed that it has more disadvantages compared to its advantages. Contrary to popular reports published in Guindy escort catalogs, porn bad for your relationship. Here are some of its disadvantages

Objectifying partners

Watching too much pornography causes you to view your partner as an object. You lose your emotional connection and you want just to have sex. A survey conducted on recovering pornography addicts showed that once they watched pornography, they viewed their partners as just escorts which is quite demeaning, says Anna, an independent Marina-Beach escort. Addicts don't care about their partner’s emotions nor do they bother to be intimate and gentle while making love.


Erectile dysfunction

It is not always the case that you suffer from erectile dysfunction from birth. Martin who is a recovering pornography addict said that he rarely gets martin junior up when he wants to have sex. He said it all started when he got addicted to escorts from Chennai. He was unable to perform and had to pay for the service even though he didn’t use it. This led him to try different regimens before seeking help from a sex addiction rehab Centre.  A research by NCBI has shown that there has been a spike in men under the age of 40 who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. This has been attributed to too much pornographic content on the internet. 

Low libido

Pornography is known to cause low libido. Low libido which is mostly referred to as low sex drive has detrimental effects on relationships. Several partners have attributed their cheating to partners’ failure to give them their conjugal rights. A lady who works as an independent escort in Chennai explained to us that most of her clients suffer from this affliction are unable to perform.

Triggers addiction

Sex is known to trigger release of dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is a hormone that is associated with pleasure. Apparently sex has the same effect as a heroine smoker. They both release dopamine levels. In a bid to feel this pleasurable feeling, pornography creates addiction among its users. It has been documented that some users watch pornography for several hours each day. In a Q&A podcast, mercy who is a porn star from escorts in Chennai said that most of his clients are regulars.

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